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Friday, June 17, 2016

Why A Lot Of Rain Isn't So Bad After All

The other day I went to the gym from work. It had rained earlier that afternoon, but was dry when I walked to the gym. It already started raining when I was inside, but it literally started pouring when I was heading out to go home. As I went to the station on my bike earlier that day, I had to go back the same way. On the bike that is, and not opting for the dryer way, by taking the tram.

The bike ride home is only 8 minutes, but soon I was soaked. Literally from head to toe. I felt the water running down my back and my feet were wet because my shoes and socks didn't protect me at all.

Instead of being miserable as I normally would, I was smiling. Even though it's supposed to be spring and we already had quite a few beautiful spring days (27 degrees C and up!), the last few days had been gray and rainy. Luckily I was warm from training so I hadn't run cold and driving as fast as I could. While driving through the rain in my city Rotterdam, I was thinking of how much I love the Netherlands and Rotterdam, even when it rains here a lot on days that it most definitely should not. Another reason I didn't mind getting wet is that the next day was hair wash day (if you have long thick hair, you'd understand).

As I got home, I took off all my wet clothes by the door and took a sprint into the shower. A shower after the gym is a necessity, but a warm shower after being drained in the rain feels so rewarding.

I realized I hadn't had anything for dinner at home and instead of eating just a can of soup or going out again to go to the grocery store, I ordered take-out. This is something I never do, especially not on a week day. Take-outs or home delivery are saved when we're lazy on the couch on weekends.

But this night I felt like treating myself. As I had that Friday off from work, it was already weekend for me. And being soaked by the rain and hearing thunder outside (which I love when I'm inside!) ment I could treat myself that day by eating take out and watching Mr. Selfridge on Netflix.

Normally I only like rain when I'm home with a blanket and a good book and wine or tea, but that day, the rain wasn't so bad after all. It's all about a matter of perspective and attitude. ;-)


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