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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Road To Perfect Skin: The Plan

Picture taken after my visit to the beautician.

Last Saturday I went to a beautician after years! I really wanted to for quite some time because I saw that my skin has changed over the last two years or so. Now I have a little bit more redness in my face than I ever had. During high school/puberty I was lucky enough to have clear skin other than the odd zit on my T-zone. But now I seem to break out more - or so I thought.

I booked a 90 minute 'meet & treat' appointment so that she and I could really talk and that she would look at my skin thoroughly. Now I understand that I don't have a combined skin like I thought, but a sensitive skin, hence the redness. Turns out, I've been using the wrong products all along!

The small break outs can come due to stress, or a bad eating habit. She said sugar and dairy are the evildoers. Since I'm not eating much from both, I think the former is the real cause of my skin 'problems'.

I've never worn lots of make-up or even foundation in my life. I try to avoid the 'pancake-face' look at all times. However, a little concealer and powder go a long way.

So because of talking to the beautician, I knew I had to change my skin routine in order to get what we all want: perfect skin.

Below my plan to perfect skin: 


Normally I would use Nivea to rinse off my make-up in the evening but Saturday I bought this vital C cleansing milk by Image from the beautician. I paid a whooping 29,50 euro for it so it better do its job! She also recommended cleaning my face twice a day so in the morning I will still use the Nivea. I strategically placed the flacon in the shower so I (hopefully) won't forget.

Benefit of the Image vital C cleanser is that I don't need to use tonic after! But I still will use it in the morning.

These are the current scrub and mask that I use but they change from time to time. Now that I know that I have sensitive skin other than combined skin, this mask may not be the right product for me. But before I will throw away anything, I will use this one first. Still like the product! I'm not at all consistent using these two. Sunday should be my 'spa' moment at home but I tend to forget it a lot. But: scrubbing is an absolute must for perfect skin, so I have to pick it up again!


I have been using this Olaz (Olay in America) serum for years now. Not sure what it does or if it's helping my skin, but I just love the texture and how it feels on my skin. I use this one twice a day. The recently changed the perfume, which I now don't like anymore. But, considering my sensitive skin, I should opt for the one without perfume the next time.

I bought these two bottles a few days prior my beautician appointment. This brand does not use paraben or any other weird ingredients in their products. Before this I always used brands like L'oreal and I felt like my skin wasn't reacting good to those. According to the beautician this is still not a good product because it's only working to the first layer of the skin and not the vital second or third. 

Of course I wanted to buy all the products she recommended, but I'n not willing to pay 300+ euro. First I will see if this works and if I see any changes.

Now I know I'm not 30+ yet (27), but I think it's OK to start with an anti age night cream. Yup, this will be my first one! Not sure if it's too early or too late, but my mom is using anti age since she was 16 and she looks fantastic, so why not? Another reason for picking out this night cream is because it was the only night cream of this brand. The PCLE cream can be used both day and night, but I like to use separate bottles. 


I am a huge advocate in healing the body from the inside out. I believe that you can buy all the products in the world, but it will not help if you don't eat properly. Also, don't smoke. Yuk. My diet consists of lots of fruits and veggies, but there is always room for improvement. Especially during times of my exams. From this past Monday on I will start my day with a green smoothie which has spinach or kale as its base with fruits for other vitamins and taste. This will be a good way to eat more greens and detox my body in a healthy manner.

Also, the health benefits of drinking water are endless! I drink at least 2 liters (8 glasses) of water each day and it comes naturally for me. With breakfast, lunch, dinner or whenever I'm thirsty I drink water and I wouldn't want it differently. Almost never have any soda in my fridge!


  • clean face twice a day;
  • buy serum specially for sensitive skin when I run out;
  • scrub & use mask every Sunday;
  • prep green smoothies every Sunday for coming week.

I will update to this post with hopefully improved results. Also I will post a plan for eating your way to beautiful skin soon. Sounds great right?

Which products do you use? Always keen to try out new brands!


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