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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Life Lately: Back From Vienna, Austria

Relaxing on the grass at Burggarten

We are back from Vienna, Austria! Wow, what a beautiful city!! We even spotted some mountains from the skyline. I'm so excited about this city, didn't expect it to fall in love with Vienna as I did. Below are some snaps from my instagram. I will post more pictures as soon as possible!

Ice cream at Schloss Schönbrunn 

Coffee and torte at Palmenhaus, Burggarten

Some apricot drink with our schnitzels at Figlmüller

Selfie at the garden from Schloss Schönbrunn

And this past Monday was the first working day at our new offices! We celebrated with champagne, music, a grand tour and after a lunch with everyone. Our company has its own restaurant now and the food is so good and healthy! Lucky me!
I took this picture from the view our department has!!


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