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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hey June! - Blog Update

I'm super stoked for this month because of two things:

1. girls trip to Vienna, Austria;
2. new things for the blog.

Yes, that's right! After 2,5 years of using the same myself designed template I'm going to change my whole blog for a fresh new look. Why? As the blog grows, I want it to represents as where the blog, as well as me, stands now, in the midst of 2016. Reading older post will be easier and the whole look will be more up to date.

As I'm traveling a lot this year and I will still be making my usual Fashion Friday post, I want the blog to look extra pretty picture wise.

I hope to update you as soon as possible and to have Dashingly Elevating 2.0 ready early this month!

The content of this blog will still be the same: outfit posts, career advice, study tips, fitness & recipes, snaps of my life and even more travel posts!

Hopefully the integration of the new template will be smoothly and without any interruption of my three-weekly (Monday, Wednesday & Friday) blog posts. I will let you know on here and on my instagram @DashinglyElevating when will my new refreshed blog will be up! You can also follow me on Twitter @DashinElevating for updates.

Hope that you are as excited as me for the new blog and coming month!

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