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Monday, May 2, 2016

Yay It's May!

Haha this picture from Cosmopolitan made me laugh. ;-)

And while I'm at it, also the title. But I had to! I'm a big lover of new months as they always feel like as new beginnings. This month is extra special and I looked forward to this one a long long time.

Ok, and there's also one tiny reason that I dragged the thought for it to become May and that is:


Aaaahh! My first exam starts Wednesday and as of today I've a week and a half off to prep for the first three (out of four) exams. I'm looking forward to the early mornings studying quietly and not having to commute to work. But I'm not looking forward to the three hour-long (!!) exams. Also not a big fan of studying in the afternoon and evenings as it's never quiet in my neighborhood. But I will go to the library so that I can study there in peace and also have a couple of other places in mind in Rotterdam where I can study. Hopefully without background music, with fast WiFi and strong espresso.

Now the one thing that I'm looking forward to this month is my trip to Rome. We already discussed the whole itinerary, which I love doing and I'm happy that he loves doing that as well. Getting up early and seeing as much (and eating as much, hehe) as we can when we're there!
I came across 'Belinis' on instagram a couple of times and it's an Italian drink with peach, which I really want to try!

Flying to Rome the day my last exam ends, so that's perfect to end the study year!

But first: back in my books and study! I probably won't post as much as normally, but you can follow me along on @DashinglyElevating and @MissWDFit.

Good luck exam prepping for those who're in the same boat as me!

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