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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Foods In Rome, Italy

I just came back from Rome and I wanted to update the blog quickly by what I ate in Rome!

Last Friday I had my last exam of my sophomore year. Yay, finally summer break! I celebrated it by going to Rome, Italy.

Below a summary of the things we ate while in Rome, wish I photographed everything! Italian food has so much color and flavor, but with little ingredients. Food is always prepared in its most purest form and enjoyed with friends and family. There is an Italian proverb which says: "Chi mangia solo s'affoga" which means: "He who eats alone suffocates".

At our last dinner we sat next to a big table with girlfriends full of food. They were talking, sharing food and drinking wine. I grew up with Italians beside me because my stepdad is a high school teacher with an exchange program to/from Italy. Each year a teacher would stay at our place.

I used to work at an Italian company and when I just started working there, I had my first dinner with colleagues and their friends at an Italian dinner. We didn't start eating at 11PM (yikes!), but had so much fun and delicious food, right here in Rotterdam. Always love to go back to Italy to eat and enjoy the gorgeous foods.







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