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Monday, May 9, 2016

First Signs of Summer and Study Break

I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but I forgot how summer felt like. It just took me a few hours on my balcony in de sun in my tiny shorts and top, reading a book with sweat on my nose to realize how much I love summer and how much I’ve missed it. Up until now from last September on I would study every weekend. At least the whole Sunday. I would lock myself (figuratively) up in my study room and study for hours. This weekend I took a very welcomed study break by reading an actual novel other then study books. When did I ever had time to do that?! It’s a new book that I took from my shelve. It’s one of the books waiting to be read when I’m done studying for the year. But this weather got me a little crazy I think and I got naughty, took the book and actually stared to read it. Now I'm 1/3 down already! Oh how I love reading, another thing that I’ve missed. Not that I don’t read a lot. I do. I read all of my study books. That counts, right? 

Being free from studying means neglecting the things you have to do (like cleaning and grocery shopping) and by doing everything you rather be doing instead. Like going to an outside fair, sleeping in or reading a novel in tiny shorts in the sun on your balcony. I’m halfway through my exams and May 20th is the last one. Even though the days go by fast, May 20th seems so far away. That day at 1PM will mark the end of my last exam and the starting point of summer. Around 5PM I’ll sit on a plane that will bring me to warm, dreamy Rome where I will have a Bellini to celebrate that my sophomore year of university is over.

But until then I have to set my novel aside and study for Human Resource Management and Production & Operations management. Although I work full time, I very much feel like a student around these days. I talk to Anne, a fellow Royal Holloway student whom I met last year and now lives in London, the whole day from morning until we go to bed. We help each other through our studies breaks. Without her, I would feel very much lost. She is in the same boat as me and has a full

time job as well. She works in sales, I work in purchasing. She is from Germany, a few years my junior. But these days (and also we have the same courses), we are the same. We can rely so much to each other.

Counting down the days until my real summer begins (hey, it’s still spring after all!). And for those studying too: hang in there, we got this!


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