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Monday, May 16, 2016

An Evening in Ghent, Belgium

Last week I went to Ghent, Belgium for a work trip. It was my first time to the city, which was on my list for quite some time. Lucky me! It's a really cute little city full with old architecture and canals. I just had a taste of Gent (Ghent), but I really want to go back to see more! Heard that the "Gentse feesten" (Ghent's parties) are really nice! This city is filled with students, so it must be great for night life! 

In this part of Belgium, they speak Flemish, which is almost the same as Dutch. Easy, so we can speak in our own language! Always love to hear Flemish Belgian speak, think their accent is so nice! Haha! 

Will go back to Belgium next month, also the Flemish speaking part of the country! As neighbor-countries, it's never far away to go for a one day trip.

Don't these pictures make you want to travel to Ghent?!

Unexpected garden.

I'm a sucker for beautiful doors, so of course I had to pose! Thanks to my colleague who took this pic!

Sint-Niklaaskerk, Gent, Belgium

Sint-Niklaaskerk, Gent, Belgium

Cutest pharmacy ever!

How cute is this shopping street?

Chandelier of the restaurant.

It was a steak restaurant and the waitress presented our choice of meat. Oye! 

As an appetizer I had grilled asparagus with pata negra. Never thought to grill white asparagus but they were surprisingly good!

Oh. My. Steak. It was so big and so good! Unfortunately I couldn't finish.

Because of course I had to save space for dessert! Best chocolate cake ever. With the chocolate centre still running! Yumm...


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  1. In which restaurant did you have dinner? The meat looks delicious. Thanks


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