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Friday, April 22, 2016

Practicing Yoga Again!

Every few weeks I have an hour-long sport massage. I love getting those as I sit behind a computer, most hours of the working day, most days of the working week. Plus, I workout five times a week. This makes my back stiff, but I want something stronger because my fitness regime is intense, hence the Chinese sport massage.

Now last time instead of a full body massage, she did my back for a full hour. She said sorry incase of hurting me (which she didn't, but it's not comfortable in all times), but she had to work on my back for an hour and the knots still weren't gone.

I asked her what I could do about it and she suggested me yoga.

I do some yoga moves every day after weight lifting as I don't want to lose my flexibility. When I was younger I did ballet and for years I did on and off yoga and pilates. I even went to Italy to practice yoga with my mom!

I saw this move "upward bow (the wheel)" on my instagram feed come by a couple of times. Then at one day, I decided to try it out! Watched a video on YouTube, followed it and: ta-daa!!

Seriously, I did it in one go and was so happy! Now I do this move a couple of times a week to make my back bendier. 

I started yoga again for my back, but I love what my body is capable of! Not just of weight training and making my body stronger, but now bendier as well!!

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