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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

New Cookbook: Nourish With The Seasons

So let me tell you a little bit about my diet. First of all, I see eating healthy as a lifestyle, not as a short term diet to lose weight, because I don't need/want to.

At the beginning of the year I started eating Paleo again. No grains, dairy, added sugar and legumes. Lots of animal protein and eggs basically. That worked well for me, for just a little while. Even though you can eat carbs on Paleo (sweet potatoes for example), I really did miss my oatmeal, bread and rice/quinoa. Since I was searching what was right for me because I workout/weight lift 5/6 times a week, I reached out to the dietitian at my gym. She listened to what I wanted and made me an example diet plan for one day.

Biggest change was that I was going to eat a whole lot more and more carbs as well. Since I was already eating home cooked meals 3 times a day, I was OK with all the meal prepping.

But after a month I was totally done with it. All the cooking (for 5 meals a day) on Sunday afternoon after I had done my studying. Fast forward: I was eating bread again for breakfast and lunch.

Now I'm not saying bread is bad for you, but it just does't work for me. I need to eat food to get all of my macro's in which means lots and lots of protein.

So I was a little lost in the diet section and didn't really know what to eat. But then, after a three week wait, the book "Nourish With The Seasons: Summer" came in the mail, all the way from Australia! It's so nice that Hannah Polites whom I have been following for years on Instagram made a cookbook with her friend Rachel Butler!

This is a great book with beautiful pictures, mouthwatering recipes and inspiring quotes which inspired me to eat more fresh, local and organic foods.

Plus, the book inspired me to eat less animal foods and more plant based.

Rachel is vegan, so there are plenty of vegan recipes but also with fish, eggs and dairy for example. Love that you can easily adjust the recipes to your diet wishes.

You can buy their book here.


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