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Monday, April 25, 2016

Just Studying

Just one more week (ok and two days) till my first exam of the year!! Aaaah! All I'm doing lately is working out (if I give myself the luxury of the time) and studying in my free time. During the week I watch just 30 minutes of tv and on the weekends a bit more.

That's why Friday after work drinks with colleagues was a very welcomed spare time. Sorry to my friends, for not being able to hang out. Except for coming Wednesday, as the Netherlands has a day off to celebrate our king's birthday. Everyone is wearing orange (our national color) and we'll go to a festival and dance dance! Perfect study break (and no work).

On weekends I have some more time to go to the gym which makes me feel so good! Plus, I started to watch The Walking Dead. I'm in season two now and: yuck! But still, so addictive... :P

This past Sunday I finished prepping for Strategic Management (my least favorite subject) and this week I'll start for Marketing, which happens to be my favorite subject so I'm actually looking forward.

To everyone who also has their exams in May: best of luck!! 

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