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Monday, April 4, 2016

Happy April!

Yay I'm so glad it's April! The first weekend of April and it was so sunny and warm, it even got 20 degrees! Woo!

But on the other hand; in exactly one month I will sit my first (out of four) exam! Aaaaaah! So even though this weekend was gorgeous, on Sunday I spent most of the time inside to study...
But in the afternoon I went out for a 6K run. First run outside of the year! And it was so warm... But I will not complain of the warmth. In fact, I'm embracing it! Can't wait until the first day I won't have to wear any hosiery under my skirts and dresses.

On Friday eve I went to Lindsey's place for a couple of drinks before we went out. We went to two bars before we ended up dancing and we stayed there until the lights went on. Oye... But you need a night like that from time to time.

On Saturday after sleeping in, I went to the gym. Really felt so much better than that! In the afternoon I went to my local organic grocery store for a little shopping and I picked up my first vegan cupcake at "Heavenly Cupcakes" nearby.

Like I said, Sunday was spent mostly indoors studying Marketing and went out for a run. Running while the full sun was shining on my face felt so good!

Straight from the run I took a warm bath to relax my muscles and read a little. Such a relaxing way to end your weekend and start a new week!

PS: have you seen on my Instagram that I have a new MacBook Air? Yay I'm so happy! Love blogging on it. ;-)


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