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Monday, April 18, 2016

An Easy Day of Vegan Eats

Recently I decided to eat more organic and also more plant based foods which means less meat and fish! I just made a few swaps and noticed how actually easy it is to eat vegan! I removed meat from my day to day diet for now but that doesn't meen I won't eat any when I'll go out for dinner for example. I also removed dairy (which I barely ate anyway) and eggs too. Now eggs and dairy are almost always in pastries so that is maybe the hardest part.

I try to have vegan days because I think it's healthy to eat less animal protein, not because of my beliefs. And therefore I will still eat honey (if certain sweets are sweetened by it, or gelatine (also in sweets).

Here below I'll show you a super easy day of vegan (100%!) eating without doing any concessions!


Coconut yoghurt topped with sunflower seeds, mulberries, half a banana and chopped almonds.
Alternative: soy yoghurt or oatmeal with almond milk or just water!


The easiest options is of course fresh food and veggies! But I still like bars from time to time as well. For example, nut bars or raw dried fruit bars with nuts and dried fruit (that's it!), like Nakd bars.
Alternative: vegan pastry from the organic grocery store (pictured below), nuts, dried fruits.


No need to give up your breads! There are so many vegan options at the organic grocery store and more and more at the normal grocery stores as well. Easiest option? PB&J! Jokes aside, here are a few of the options that I eat and I change regularly. They have lots of vegetable spreads without soy as well. I even found vegan chocolate spread!
Alternative: salad with a lot of veggies or maybe topped with grilled vegan chunks.


Easiest option is a meat alternative based on soy or legumes.
Alternative: spaghetti with tomato sauce and lots of veggies.

You see? Vegan eating can be easy! And with the many easy options, you don't even need to run to the grocery store!

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