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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Sweet Relaxing Morning

(Pic I posted Saturday morning on my instagram)

I think that last Saturday I was glued to my bed. I even went back to bed to make a selfie. ;-) Well, the #morningstory went a bit different. You see, Saturday is the only day of the week I can sleep in. During the week I have to go to work, and I even get up earlier to squeeze a workout in. And on Sunday I set an alarm to study all day.

But no, not this Saturday. My upstairs neighbor, who lives with two other girls, decided to get up at 7:45 AM and walk around her whole bedroom. Whyyyyy?! I will never know but she got me up and awake and I couldn't get back to sleep. 

Instead of getting up from bed and getting productive (that's one solution), I decided to just lie there awake. Charlie the cat meowed her way into my bedroom and for a few minuted we just cuddled. It was so lovely, relaxing and the sun shined in my room.

Still not getting up completely, but I took my Mac and a magazine to relax a little bit more in my bed. Lovely!!

Getting up this relaxed made me forget I couldn't sleep in. And on Sunday I even woke up 45 mins before the alarm, which means I wasn't that sleepy. It even gave me time to relax a bit in bed!

I can't wait until my exams are over (next month!) so I can have more of these relaxing weekend mornings!


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  1. I hope your exames goes well... You are the most active girl i've ever seen... Others should inspire you... Bravo bravo


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