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Friday, March 18, 2016

Making My Hair Healthier and Stronger

A few weeks ago I went to my hairdresser again that I go to for years now. It was really necessary. I had split ends, by hair was broken and just out of shape.

While we were talking I saw a little bottle placed in front of the mirror so we couldn't miss it. We were talking about how damaged my hair was and I grabbed the bottle and asked her about it. It's a new brand from California called Olaplex and it helps to restore the cells from within your hair instead of from the outside-in like hair conditioner.

I always love how my hair looks right when I come from the hair salon, until I wash my hair again. But this time I brought home the small bottle of Olaplex no.3 and was determined to keep my hair as healthy and shiny as it looked then.

The plan:

1. Use Olaplex once a week and keep the treatment in at least two hours. On the bottle they say 20 minutes but you can even sleep with the treatment. You use it before you shampoo and condition and use on towel dry hair. Note that this is not a mask or conditioner! This is purely to feed your hair from the inside out. After just one use, you can feel the difference! I use it for a couple of weeks now and use 2,5 squeezes at a time and it's very long lasting. It costs a couple of bucks, but worth a try. Please note: they only sell in salons. There are fake bottles for sale on the internet! 

2. Buy a new hair straightener: And this was the biggest change and help of all my tips and things that I have changed. Every time I use this straightener my hair looks and feels exactly like when I come straight from the salon. It has 100% ceramic plates and has a heat protector for your hair type. I'm using the Braun Satin-Hair 7 SensoCare and I'm hooked! This one is definitively similar as they use in salons. 

3. Try out different brands of shampoos and conditioners: I'm the type of girl who switches between 2 or 3 brands of shampoos which are for sale at any drugsstore. But this time I thought to go to a special hair shop. I asked for a good shampoo and conditioner for my hair type. Dry, but not too dry. She recommended me these. Slightly disappointing that it doesn't have Creatine since that's the new hype, but I will test them! 

4. Use a pre-heating oil: and this might have been my biggest mistake and the reason why my hair was so damaged at the first place. I did use an oil before drying, but not a special one with heating protection. At the same store I bought this special pre heating oil. After I'm done use the straightener I still use the L'oreal one for extra shine.

I hope this all works and I will keep you in the loop on how brands will work or won't work for me.


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