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Friday, March 4, 2016

Becoming & Dressing Like Me Again

For the book of this month I chose to read 'The Inside Out Revolution' by Michael Neill again. I read it when it came out three years again but I can't remember if it did me any good. I think I'm more open for it now and since it's almost spring, I'm ready for a change!

Since last weekend I think I've changed a bit in my way of thinking. I'm more relaxed and willing to find myself again. Last Sunday I took everything out of my closet to actually see and feel what's in there. It's crazy to think that you always have nothing to wear, have a closet full of clothing but always end up wearing the same pieces. Well, that's about to change! I have put the 'forgotten' pieces on top of the nicely ironed and folded pile so that I can pick it out easier in the morning.

Another thing is that I started to dress a bit easy and lazy. But I want to meet me again. I want to feel like me again. On days that I do dress up, do wear a dress and heels I feel much better and powerful during the day. And that's exactly how I want to feel every day of the week.

Saturday I bought three skinny pants in colors I wouldn't wear that quickly. Gray, army green and guess what? Blush pink! Wow, can't wait to wear those! I also placed an order at Zara.com and one of the pieces is a red mini skirt. Yaaaassss! Can't wait to show it to you guys! 

Stay tuned!

Picture above from the post: Brown Leather Skirt And Green Sweater

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