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Monday, March 14, 2016

A Spring Family Weekend

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I sure I did. Saturday I went to Den Haag to see my dad, stepmom and dog Boris. We all went to have drinks together in the city but later I just took out my stepmom for lunch for some one on one girl time which I really have missed.

We both ordered the caesar salad (I know, my fave) with a side order of fries (duh) and wine (what else?). It was so much fun to talk and laugh and catch up on everything. After our second wine we went into the city for a little shopping. Walking though Den Haag (The Hague) always makes me realize how beautiful the city is and how much I love it. I was born in a town near here and I basically grew up in Den Haag because I visited there so often. My mom is actually born there and my dad went to school in Den Haag. 

In the afternoon I went to my uncle for his birthday and also my aunt, nieces, nephews and all the other people I love so much which this big, weird family has to offer. And my brother came as well!!

My uncle and I with the family glasses from Scotland.

I stayed until very late actually and had a blast!

Family is so important!

Plus, it felt like a real spring weekend! Smells so nice as well! I know the USA had spring forward already but for us it's on March 27th. 


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