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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Little Gym Break

Taking a little break doesn't always have to mean from work or studying, it can also be a break from working out. And that's just what I did. Last Wednesday to Thursday night I barely could sleep because of noise from my neighbor. Because she went to bed later, I couldn't sleep much after.

So that Thursday I was so tired at work. I had five coffee in the morning (four more than usual) and after a fun meeting before lunch break, I was back to myself again. But, all the coffee resulted in a huge headache in the afternoon and back to tiredness. Right there and then I decided I wouldn't go to the gym that night. Which was really hard for me, because I love working out! But I knew that this time it would only make me more tired and that I needed my little remained energy to study at night. 

Most Friday nights I don't go to the gym (except last week to do kickboxing!), so no training to nights in a row. But come Saturday, I kicked in a two hour long training session on Saturday afternoon and it felt great! I even did some stretching which felt really good as well. Really need to do that more often!

Later that day I had an hour long sports massage at my favorite massage salon which was really needed as well. I was so tight she said, she worked an hour just on my back, sheesh! She actually recommend me yoga which I haven't done in quite some time. Well, I wanted to stretch more often and I do some yoga poses after my work out at the gym so I should be doable. Maybe some pre work or before bed yoga session? I'll keep you guys posted!

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  1. Really enjoyed reading this! Sometimes tips like this is all someone really needs to not be so intimidated by the gym. I am just going now to buy solid rubber dumbbells and start exercise at home. Thank youu.


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