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Monday, February 29, 2016

Table For One, Please

I felt like I needed a relaxing day for quite some time now. So I planned one last Saturday. This weekend started off with a few drinks with a friend. I immediately felt so relaxing and I knew this was going to be a nice weekend.

Saturday I did all my normal household chores but around lunchtime I went to the city center. I thought I'd take myself out for lunch. I was really craving caesar salad and went to see at the Hilton hotel if they had any and they did. Truth to be told I was kind of scared to walk through those doors. Although I had been there a couple of times for dinners and drinks. It was really empty and I looked around where I could sit. A really nice waitress asked if she could help me and I responded that I came in for lunch. She said that I could sit anywhere. I sat at a nice bench and took out my just bought magazine and book about Peru. The waitress gave me the wine menu and I went for a Pinot Grigio and ordered caesar salad with a side of fries and mayo. Define! Saturday is my cheat day after all so why not.

Sipping the wine, eating my salad and picking the fries I felt so content with myself and got in such relaxing mode. Maybe it was the wine but it was the same kind relaxing mode I have when I'm in a sauna. I was flipping through my magazine and Peru book and even ordered a second glass of wine.

This lunch made me think of my first lunch on my own which was in New York. I traveled there all by myself to visit and stay with friends in Brooklyn. One day I went shopping like crazy and spent so much money. I remember going into a little restaurant, sitting by myself, ordering white wine, caesar salad and a side of fries with mayo. It was the best thing ever and I felt so grown up at 23.

So why did I never do this again? I have been living on my own in Rotterdam for over 6 years now and I only took myself out for breakfast and tea once. And that was in the same week. Maybe I've done it again because I'm ashamed of eating out alone? Going out to eat in NYC, even for dinner, is totally normal there. But here? Not so much. Even though I was treated very nicely in the Hilton hotel, the younger male waiters talked English to me because they thought I must stay in the hotel. Not a crazy thought as a guy who was sitting across from me was indeed foreign and staying there.

But I didn't feel ashamed of myself and felt so good and relaxing, that I will definitely do this more often. I even posted this pic on Instagram! It's a little 'me time' treat that is different than having tea at home while reading. This Saturday also gave me the same feeling I had when I was in NYC, my beloved city crush. :)

Table for one lunching brings luxury to a whole other level. Try it some time!

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