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Friday, February 5, 2016

Paleo & Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Sunday Mornings should look like this.:

I've mentioned that I follow the paleo lifestyle for a few times on my blog already. However, I try to limit my animal protein intake. Hard? -Yes. Impossible? -No. I tend to find to eat a vegan breakfast the easiest. For example, my chia seeds pudding I posted last week. It's paleo approved as well!

On weekends I make pancakes which are vegan & paleo as well and sometimes I add a little protein powder. I'll post the recipe soon!

Until then, here are some vegan & paleo breakfast recipes for your (and mine) inspiration: 

You can substitute the eggs for apple sauce or chia seeds soaked in water.

Sweet Potato Preotein Pancakes

Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes:

Faux Oatmeal

Paleo “Faux”tmeal:

Green Smoothie Bowl

Energizing Green Smoothie Bowl - vegan, healthy, easy and tastes like ice cream - this green bowl of goodness is thick, creamy, naturally sweet and will leave you feeling balanced.:

Chia Seeds Pudding


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