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Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy February!

February wreath by Kelsey Garrity Riley (via Etsy).:

Wow! Can't believe we're already one full month in 2016! January literally flew by. Probably because I'm busy at work, studying a lot and that my weekends are filled with social activities! Really hope this month will be the same. Plus, more personal records when it comes to weight lifting! ;-)

And of course, this month has Valentine's Day on the Fourteenth! I don't think it will be as much fun as last year (or as cold) though. Last year we went to Z├╝rich in Switzerland that weekend. On Valentine's day we climbed a mountain covered in snow, had typical Swiss lunch on top and had a super romantic dinner at night. I remember that we said to each other: "It will be super hard to make Valentine's Day anymore perfect next year!". And even though I'm staying in the Netherlands this V-Day, it still can be a special day. V-Day is to celebrate love. Whether it is with your significant other, kids, friends, parents or pet. Let's celebrate!

While I just typed this post, it reminds me that I have a little personal thing to celebrate and if you know my blog, you know I love to celebrate the little things as well!

Hope everyone's February will be great and maybe a little less cold (please?)!

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