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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Eats Lately

 If you follow me on either my normal instagram account @DashinglyElevating or my fitness page @MissWD_Fit, you know I love to share my foods. Weather healthy or not so healthy. Because, in a balanced lifestyle, cheat days are calculated in every week as well.

Recently I had a lunch with a business relation. The appetizers were down right unhealthy. Bread, fried cheese, fried squid, but so good! We sat at Jamie Oliver's Italy in Rotterdam which I've never been. But for the main course I chose salmon. My favorite! I let the white dairy sauce for what it was and all of a sudden it was a paleo approved meal!

As you can see from the picture above is that I placed a huge order at Body & Fit. I always have my whey powder from them and love that they have free next day delivery. This time I chose Gingerbread flavor. I also ordered calorie free (that is 0 calories!!) caramel sauce (yum!!) and peanut butter cinnamon raisin spread (not so yum) from Walden Farms.

I also ordered protein bread and got a free athlete meal which I both need to taste and review yet.

Saturday & Sunday morning I made protein pancakes from a scoop of whey protein, half a banana, two egg whites and topped it with the caramel sauce. So good!!

Below a picture of my weekday breakfast of chia seed pudding! This week I will start to add whey isolate crispies on top for a little extra protein.


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