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Monday, February 8, 2016

Chinese Year Of The Monkey

Today marks the official first day of the Chinese new year of the Monkey. Last Saturday it was already celebrated in China Town of Rotterdam as every year and even came on the news. I drove by on my bicycle when I came from the gym and it looked very fun. Especially love the dancing animals!

On this website I found a little more information about the year of the monkey and if you're born in one of the year's of the monkey, according to this website it won't be a good year for you...

Recently I was thinking how much has changed since last year. And that one year ago I wouldn't dare to dream of where I am right now. Especially career wise, but being content with myself and have so much love around me as well.

The only reason I'm looking back is to see how far I've come. Our new year has just started two months ago and I'm very excited to see what's up for me next!

Have a happy year of the monkey all!

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