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Monday, January 18, 2016

Fun And Relaxed Weekend

My weekend started off really nice with after work drinks with our whole department and others as well. After I didn't want to go home so I met up with a friend and we had cocktails and danced until late!

Saturday I went for an hour long sport massage which was great and really needed! She felt how 'tight' I was in my shoulders but she really kneaded all of my knots out. Not sure if this comes of all of my gym workouts or because of the position I sit behind my desk.

Felt great after but still my soar troat was playing up. Sunday I woke up with even a more sore troat and treated it with many cups with tea and honey and soup at night. In the morning I had coconut yoghurt for the first time and topped it with half a banana and chia seeds. So good and naturally sweet! And it's both vegan & paleo!

Fingers crossed it won't get any worse! I have some more presentations scheduled at work and the ability to speak is kind of required! Haha

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