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Friday, January 29, 2016

Fitness Lately: Setting Goals

This week I have set certain goals and rewards for myself. For me it's not about weight, but how I feel and look like. I want to gain muscle, which eventually means gaining weight. The other day I saw a picture of myself from the back and thought: I really need to pump up those skinny arms and gain more booty (although I get mixed messages about that,haha!)!

That means more time in the gym. More squats and more exercises for my arms. I love to feel the muscle pain I get from the leg press machine or the hack squat machine. Two of the newer exercises which I just started doing tin the last couple of weeks. Same goes for my arms. When I'm training them they feel so big! As soon as I'm home I drink my protein shake to fuel my muscles after the training.

Also love to flex my arms in front of the mirror (or really anyone who wants to see) and see my gainzzz!

Next to setting clear goals, smaller ones leading to a big one, I also vowed to go to the gym every Saturday. On Saturday I want to do LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) for at least 45 minutes. During the week I mainly focus on weight training and I do cardio for 5x2 minutes (and riding the bicycle from and to the station).

I think it's really important to set out little goals if you train for a bigger picture instead of just training for keeping healthy.


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