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Monday, January 25, 2016

A Weekend Full Of Sushi

Once per week I have a cheat meal. But sometimes, two creep in if I go out for dinner during the week. I'm not 'on a diet' so if I'm out for dinner I never turn down the bread, fries or glass(es) of wine. 
This Saturday we were really craving sushi, but didn't want to go out again, so we got some delivered! We ordered from one of the sushi restaurants I normally go to so I knew this was good. My whole table was full of sushi and other delicious food. It was such a nice and relaxing Saturday eve!

Friday after work I went to the gym and felt really good on Saturday morning, that later in the afternoon we went to the gym as well.

Sunday I didn't feel bad to eat the leftovers for lunch even though I already had my 'cheat meal' on Saturday. I did a HIIT workout at home since it was raining outside.

It's all about balance!

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