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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

DE at home: Christmas Decorations

 Finally a picture of my Christmas tree! In spirit of Christmas week, I thought I would share my Christmas decorations. With this, I'll be in true Christmas spirit, in all important rooms!

An new star lamp on top of my book shelf and some extra decorations like a music box with an elf inside.

New cinnamon H&M scented candle with blue light holder we bought in Düsseldorf last year.

Up & close my tree. I added some new ornaments this year along with cookies I got from Lindsey, wooden ones we bought on a Christmas market in Düsseldorf, and an apple which will always remind me of NYC. 

Also my study room at home is in has some holiday cheer with a scented candle and an Christmas tree vase for a flower.

My desk at work! Although a colleague and I decorated our department, I wanted a little extra cheer with this Christmas tree vase as well!


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  1. Your tree is so cute! I probably should have went with a smaller one like that instead of getting the super mega jumbo huge one that I ended up getting.

    Mai | logfurnitureplace.com


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