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Monday, December 14, 2015

A Christmas Themed Wedding

Last week Thursday I attended a wedding and I was one of the witnesses too! The picture above was taken in the morning before I left home.
Because there were Christmas trees everywhere, we got a a very Christmas feeling throughout the day.

I took this pic after the ceremony with the corsage we all wore which matched the bouquet. Outside photographers (two!) took pictures of the bride and groom next to a huge Christmas tree and cute white chapel. 

For dinner we went to a lovely restaurant which used to be an stable. It was all decorated for Christmas and it had a huge Christmas tree outside as well! I've been there before and love the Dutch food they serve. This time I got appetizers to share and duck for the main course.

All in all it was a beautiful, emotional day (I gave a speech too) but most of all: unforgettable! 


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