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Monday, November 16, 2015

A Two-Sides Kind Of Weekend

Picture 'Peace for Paris' that was spread over Instagram by @Jean_Jullien

Before I went to bed Friday evening, I saw the news on what was happening in Paris. Shocked and tremendously saddened by what I was reading. And again in Paris too.
The next day I put on the news and saw the horrifying images and eyewitnesses and talked about it with my friends. I'm very heartbroken but this image above by Jean Jullien and other pictures of Paris that were posted on Instagram and Facebook were heartwarming.

"Happy Friday! It's a good one! :)" Is my capture under this picture of Instagram.

Friday started off so nice. It was a sunny day and I spent my Friday differently then normal. I went shopping and had my first red cup coffee from Starbucks. Weird to look back at this picture and the capture too...

On Sunday night I had dinner with my friend Mandy to celebrate something and to catch up on on everything since we last saw each other around a week ago. ;-)

This was really a two-sides kind of weekend with tears but luckily lots of laughter too.
I hope you'll enjoy your new week and as in the words of Ellen DeGeneres: 

"Be kind to one another"

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