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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Something Good In Every Day

There is something good in every day: you! Quotes for kids:

A few weeks ago I saw the movie 'About Time' on Netflix. It was about a guy who could travel back in time to redo something so it will end up better for him. Like to redo a date until it went perfect. Also, Margot Robbie was in the movie and I love her, so big plus!

In the film on one night he relized he had a terrible day and redo's the day exactly the same and sees then, it's actually a pretty cool day!

Sometimes all the bad things of a day add up and then you might forget all the nice things that had happened that day.

For example:

  • the tram/train/tube to work just arrived when you came walking (no waiting or running);
  • you're the first person at your department or class so that you can work in silence for at least ten glorious minutes;
  • all green lights while driving your car;
  • you get a compliment on your new dress/heels/bag/hairdo;
  • you get a compliment on your presentation/paper/assignment;
  • someone holds the door for you;
  • there's a free treadmill in the gym, just for you;
  • you come home and your bf/roomie cooked dinner;
  • there're newly added episodes of your favorite series on Netflix;
  • you're at home/work/uni just before it started to rain;
  • you started reading a new book and you're immediately hooked;
  • you come home to your loving partner or pet;
  • there's no line at the grocery store/Starbucks/hot dog stand;
  • you broke into your new shoes so finally a day without aching feet;
  • your favorite song of the moment comes up on the radio in the car/at work;
  • a stranger/a kid gives you a smile;
  • a 7 year old girl says you're beautiful (and you say it back) which happened to me!

I could go on forever with this list (actually writing this makes me smile to myself :P) because sometimes it's the little things of the day that add up to be a pretty good/awesome/amezing day after all!

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