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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hello September

Bring on the cooler weather and chunkier sweaters.: Bring on the cooler weather and chunkier sweaters.
New month, new beginnings...
September always feels like a fresh start to me, because it's almost the end of the summer and the beginning of fall. Even though I love summer, fall is my all-time favorite. August in the Netherlands was an up and down summer/fall mash up. A few hot days, turned into endless rainfalls and even thunder evenings...
Besides the weather changing, so is my closet. ;-) Although it's still too warm to wear, I bought some clothes from the new collections in stores. I absolutely love fall and winter fashion, hence, I don't mind the changing weather.
That being sad, I have a good vibe feeling of September. August was ever changing to me and I think September will too. But not the bad kind of change. But the exciting, butterfly in stomach feeling change.
And I started at a new gym! At least that's a little change that brings joy to my life, because I love to workout! I finally go to a gym that has those ropes for your arms, can't wait to use it.
This all doesn't mean that I secretly hope for a few late summer warm days which I can spend outside!
Happy September! 
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