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Monday, September 14, 2015

Food & Exercise Lately

New pic we shot last Saturday.

Since two weeks I joined a new gym and I'm really enjoying myself! There're all different sort of training options, way way more than at my previous hotel gym. You get motivated to do another exercise or try a different machine just by being there. I noticed difference on my stomach already and my legs are so sore! I started a new gym routine a week ago and it's brutal! ;-)
If you're following my MissWDavidson instagram account, you might see I ate a lot of cakes lately. Or so it may seem. But most of my more 'healthy' meals aren't always documented. It takes a lot of exercise and clean eating to keep staying fit while eating cakes.
From today on I'll start to eat clean again and continue my new gym plan routine. I'm planning on to update my MissWD_Fit instagram more account so that you can follow my healthy journey. While I eat cakes from time to time, it doesn't mean I don't eat healthy at other days. I like to look at it 80/20. 80 percent of the time I eat clean and 20 % of the time, not so much. ;-) That comes down to eating healthier during the week, for 5 days.
This said, I'm ready to up do my regime a little bit and I'll start to watch my sugar intake from now on. This doesn't mean I won't eat bad foods anymore, just once a week as a so called 'cheat meal' instead of a full weekend.

Part of a healthy lifestyle (remember, it's not a diet!) comes relaxing too. My legs were so sore this week and noticed my back was aching more too. Thank g-d for back massages! So last Sunday, after high tea with Mandy, I took a hot bath to relax completely.


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