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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Best Study Tips Found On Pinterest

As many of you, I search internet for study tips. Reasons for that because it's my second year in university and that I study online so I don't have physical peers around. Sure, my fellow online students and I share tips on how we study and we even have a Skype study group. But I'm always open for new tips on how to study differently so that I can remember more. Through my blog, I  wrote my experience and tips of (online) college studying, which I will continue to do through my second year of studying BBA!
Here I round up my favorite study tips I found on Pinterest:

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Preppy Little Lesbian: Finals and Studying Tips:
How to Get Your Best Grades in College - Sara Laughed:
12 Creative Study Techniques that really work! #college #study http://danidearest.com/:
Morgan Timm / July 30, 2014The BEST Study tips for College.The BEST Study tips for College. | Mostly Morgan:
College Prep: INTENSE STUDY TIPS study, tips, help, finals, midterms, exams, hardwork, college, biography visit my blog http://collegebiography.wordpress.com/ to learn more about what college life is really like.:

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