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Monday, August 17, 2015

Uni Is Almost Starting Again

I don´t want to imply that summer is over yet, but it sure does show a few signs:

  • Dutch summer is getting colder;
  • we already went on holiday;
  • I just registered for second year of BSc Business Administration.
Yup, Uni is starting soon. And quite frankly, I'm quite excited!! I chose my minor to be Marketing and my courses will be:
  • Strategic management
  • Marketing management
  • Human Resource management
  • Production and Operations Management
Since I was in primary school, I love to go shopping for school supplies. And that hasn't stopped yet. Last September when my first year of BSc started; I use a paper calendar again besides my iPhone.
To prepare for all of this, I've been cleaning and sorting out my study room. It really needed some TLC after I neglected it for the summer!
And last thing I have to arrange before the next year starts: buy a university hoodie!! ;-)
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