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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hello August!

Happy August everyone! The first day of August was spent with my dad and stepmom coming over in the morning celebrating that I passed my exams. As a gift, they brought my grandmother's pearl necklace. It was such a surprise! I've always loved this one and it's so special too. Love that it used to be my grandmother's and after that my stepmom's too.
At night my bf went out for sushi to celebrate (some more) and after we went for cocktails. Just before we headed home we saw some colleagues of mine which we chatted and laughed with as well. It was such a fun night!~
Sunday we went hiking around the park and water in Rotterdam. It was way too hot to go for a run, so hiking was the best option for a sweat!
Monday I caught up with an old colleague whom I haven't seen in months but we always stayed in touch over the years. I had so much to tell him, it was good to see each other again and enjoy the sun. It was so warm!
This month I'm not really sure what will come up my path. But one thing I'm sure about: at the end of this month my bf and I will travel to Belfast to see Calvin Harris live!! YAY!!!!

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