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Friday, July 31, 2015

I Passed My Exams!!

This summer just keeps getting better and better! Yesterday I got the results of my exams I did in May and it turns out that I passed!! All afternoon long I kept refreshing the results page and then finally around 4PM the results showed up!
I was at work and all day long I was super nervous. Like I had that weird feeling in my stomach, luckily I could talk about it with a colleague. At some point, my stepmom seemed more nervous than me! I immediately got up and called my dad, crying from happiness. I was so relieved and proud of myself. And then to hear everyone scream on the other side of the phone was really nice.

I started studying Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of London last year October. I had a little late start because I was just finishing my Communication degree. Working fulltime and studying fulltime ain't no piece of cake. Same amount of study points as a fulltime university student would do. Pew!! A lot of free time was put into that. Every evening after work and Saturday morning plus the whole Sunday. Can't believe I pulled this off, ha!

Next year is starting soon and I'm super excited! I know that I'll miss out on a lot of fun and have barely any spare time, but, I enjoy studying!

I still feel I'm on Cloud 9 so I will enjoy this feeling for a little longer. ;-) Also, so proud of my fellow UoL students who also passed and study while having work and/or families!

I hope for all of the students everyone has goods results as well!! How are you celebrating?

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