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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Back From Indonesia!

Botanic garden in Jakarta

For those who are following me on instagram already know I'm back from Indonesia for a week and a half. After my three week vacation to Java and Bali I had another week off from work. Even though I didn't plan it, but that last week of holiday (and the first few days back at work) made it to my four weeks off of blogging.

I must say, I did miss it! Now that I'm typing again and the last few days thinking of what I should write down made me realize that this is what I love. I love turning my thoughts into written words and have this little space on the internet as a creative outlet. That includes my two instagram accounts and my twitter account. ;-)

Of course I will post more detailed travel stories later, but here is just a little roundup:

 Borobudur temple in Java

Prambanan temple in Java 

With the son of Ketut Liyer who read my palm in Bali. 

Tanah Lot temple during sunset in Bali

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