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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Meeting New People

Last Saturday Mandy and I and two friends of hers went to Boothstock festival here in Rotterdam. This was our third time and had a great time!

First the four of us had some cake and tea and after we went on our bikes to the park where the festival was. On a festival it's easy to like each other because you're there for the same reasons. You like the same music and want to dance!

Too bad they went home at 7PM, but soon enough Mandy ran into a friend I have had seen a couple of times too. She was with a big group mixed of Dutch, English and American friends who came from London (and one from New York), just to see the festival! The rest of the night we danced with the group and I had so much fun! I loved hearing the English and American accents! They were really nice and it's so easy to interact when you both love the music and all you want to do is dance.

After the festival we even went to their hotel (which is the same building as my office) to prepare for the after party we went to. I'm so glad that they enjoyed the after party because they really wanted to party some more and I brought them there.

I'm always open to meet new people and always think the more the merrier. It was just such a fun unprepared night that I couldn't have imagined was so great! I'm still in contact with some of them on social media and whatsapp, so who knows what the future will bring!

Music makes the people come together. :)

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