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Friday, May 22, 2015

What To Eat During Exam Or Study Time

While I was studying for my exams that fulltime week and the 1,5 week of exams, I was hungry all the time. But, I did make sure to eat healthy and I'm proud of myself for not buying and eating any sweets! Even if that's a study favorite of mine.
Breakfast: oatmeal with milk, raisins, half a banana. Plus, a slice of bread and peanut butter two hours after breakfast, around one hour before the exam.
One time I was actually hungry during the exam, the worst! Bringing half a banana is the solution.
Snack: piece of fruit & an egg or trail mix. During my exam week I had trail mix with a few pieces of chocolate in there, so good! A little extra treat.
Lunch: toast with salmon and a slice of toast with cheese. I normally don't eat cheese, but now I needed the extra calories and I love the taste. Salmon for omega 3 = brain food!
And a homemade oatmeal, protein cookie. So good!
Dinner: fish or chicken with veggies and something of carbs like noodles, potatoes or rice. I barely eat carbs at night, but during my exam week I really needed it! Extra calories, plus carbs is good for concentration. And it makes me sleep better. ;-)
I hope these tips are helpful to you during finals!
Good luck!

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