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Monday, May 18, 2015

Halfway There

I saw this quote on the Instagram of Levo League right before my two last exams and I found it very inspiring. I sent it to Anne, a fellow University of London student to give her the extra push too and I posted it on my Instagram.

Believing in yourself is often very hard to do and it's much easier to rely on other people. When someone says: 'I believe you can do it'. It's easier to reply with 'really?' than with, yes I know, I'm going to ace this!

But at the moment of truth, whether it's right before a test, speech or job interview, it all depends on you. It's nice to have a solid support system behind you to give you extra encouragement, but you have to do it by yourself, all alone.
So believe in yourself, even if you don't really do at that moment. Stand with your two fists to your sides, open your chest like a 'hero pose' and think yourself as a winner and say to yourself you can do it!

Doing so will give you way more confidence and it will enhance your performance and self confidence no matter what!

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