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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

An Upate

Hey guys! I know I have been MIA for a couple of weeks but I have a good reason. Like I have had announced before: I had my exams! Six back to back exams starting last week Tuesday and the last one was today!!

I celebrated the exams were over together with my fellow University of London student Anne. She is German but lives in Amsterdam and I've been in contact with her for the past academic year. Certainly these past few weeks we have really been there for each other. It's so nice to have someone who goes through the exact same thing. We gave each other study tips, last minute info and of course exchanged our thoughts of the exam we just had that day.

We celebrated with spare ribs and white wine outside in the sun at a nice restaurant/bar in Rotterdam. Perfect end! And I must say, the exams went fine! I cannot tell anything for sure yet. We have to wait 12 whole weeks until we know the results...

Today after lunch I packed up all of my books. Seeing the empty shelf feels sooo good! Well I must say, I'm actually looking forward to next year as the courses seem so excited and this is the first year we can choose some of our own!

Even though I study online I've met some very nice people over Skype and Anne in real life too. Studying online is really hard and asks for a lot of self discipline. But certainly towards the end I choose to go out less often, missed my girlfriends and luckily my bf was sweet enough to cope with me during the stress pre-exam days.

So glad this academic year is over. I will enjoy summer holiday for a couple of months and go back to work today (Wednesday) after a two and a half week study break.

Studying for my last exam on my balcony!

Back to blogging again too! Missed it a lot!

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