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Monday, April 20, 2015

Asking For Help

Exams are just around the corner! Only one more week of work and then I have a whole week off to study before my exams start on May 5th through May 12(!!)!

Almost all my free time goes to studying, a little blogging, abs workouts (I go to the gym on my lunch break) chores, and of course, my bf. All other social engagements I've set aside (I miss my girls!), but it's for a good cause!

With that being said, every other thing that comes on my path seems super threating. Only just today I finished my tax returns (on time) and asked for a new public transport card (1 month overdue). Which means, I could use some help...

And even though I'm bad at it, asking for help can be really good from time to time, and so much time saving too. Also, another task less, means more room in my head for studying too!

Just to show how independent I am: or weeks (read months) I was irritated by my living room door that was stuck. So a week ago I took a good look at the door, grabbed my tool box (yes I have a tool box and no, it's not pink) and fixed the door myself! It was so easy, wish I would have taken the time before a long time ago. So, rather a little procrastination than to ask for help... ;-)

But slowly I have mastered the scary word of 'help'. And my 'victim' is the person who absolutely loves doing it: my boyfriend. Just small things like: booking a table for a restaurant, doing the dishes (without asking!) while I'm in the bathroom or picking up things from the grocery store.

I'm one lucky girl!

Ok, now back to studying Accounting...

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