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Monday, March 16, 2015

What's In A Year

I think about this all the time...Not sure if i like it or hate it!

Normally I'm good with dates. So also this past weekend I remembered where I was and what I did exactly one year ago. Who would have thought that one year can change so much? I was talking about it with my friend Lindsey how weird things can go in such a small amount of time. It seems like, one moment you're here and then just like that, you're in an almost new world.

Thinking back of some events doesn't mean that you're longing back to them. When I think of certain events, I think of how I felt then and where I stand now and how much I grew.

This past weekend, one year ago was one that I'll never forget. But I won't feel guilty about that. Maybe next year I forget to think about it on the exact date, which is fine as well. ;-)

Standing still thinking of certain dates or events makes you think: "where was I at that time and how much have I grown?".

Looking back once in a while makes you recap all the happy times in the past and appreciate the present even more.

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