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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Study Tips: No Distractions

Since I'm studying so much, I know what my downfalls are when it comes to distractions. Here are some of my tips to go through a study session, distraction free:

  • Turn off your phone, completely. For me, laying my phone in my bedroom (on the other side of my department of my study room), isn't enough. Every time I would get a break I would take a look and lose 15 minutes easily. The phone doesn't get turned on until I'm done, around 5 PM.
  • This counts for your iPad as well. ;-) (major downfall here.) 
  • Log off of Facebook and Twitter from your laptop (if used for studying). There's nothing posted that import there, that can't wait.
  • Listen to music or take a study break when the distractions are inside your head. Wish it was just technology distracting you, right?
  • Distractions from outside: whether it's a roommate, neighbors making noise or a busy street; outside blur is something you can barely do anything about. Tip? Find another place to study! My favorite place to study besides my own study room is (drumroll) the library! Don't bring any technology and study truly offline.

For more study tips take a look here.

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