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Monday, March 2, 2015

Hello March!

Hello March
It's March already! Which means meteorological spring has started and only three more weeks until it's officially spring! Can't wait!
I always go on the bike to work (how Dutch!) and love that it's already so light outside when I leave at 8 AM and still light when I come home around 5:45 PM.
Also noticing that the weather is slowly getting warmer. Still wearing my gloves and hat outside on the bike, but while walking it's doable without.

There's so much spring fashion already! Can't wait to buy and wear new items I've been eyeing on. Lots of neutrals, whites and even prints!
I posted this picture on instagram yesterday:
After last week, this occurred to me: do not let your past define who you are today. Thinking of, that your past is just a story, it makes it so much easier to let things go.
Let's start this month with happy thoughts and try not to look back too much. Not thinking of something doesn't mean you have to forget!
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