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Monday, March 23, 2015

Getting Better

If you're following my Twitter and Instagram account you might know I've had the flu for the past couple of days. I even stayed home from work which barely ever happens which means how awful I felt. Not until you had the flu again, you know how bad it can make you feel since I always forget. My head would feel so bad that I would wake up from it a couple of times a night. Party...

I basically only ate fruit (juices), soup, plain biscuits and Dutch pancakes. I know, not the healthiest! But the thought of vegetables and chicken made me sick and I could only crave easy and digestible and sweet food.

So when I started to feel better on Saturday I made a Glowing Green Juice out of kale, celery, an apple and lemon juice. In the afternoon I prepared loads of veggies to snack on for my bf and me with hummus and baba anoesch. After a home cooked meal (yay!), we made some sweet popcorn as a healthy(ish) snack during the movie. Perfect that we didn't plan a night out.

Normally I already eat lots of vegetables and fruits during the day, so I don't know how I got the flu. But I hope I get fully better soon because it s*cks!
At least I could smile with a bowl of popcorn in my hands! :P

And some wise words I stumbled upon to take in this Monday. ;-)


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