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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Little About Being Concerned

don't be concerned with others
This is a nice quote to think of. You can look at it two ways: to not to think too much about what others think of you or not to think about others.
I'm going to write a little about the latter.
Now I'm not saying that you cannot show sympathy, but there is a limit. For example; if someone has hurt you a lot and that person is asking you for forgiveness, never forget how that person made you feel before you make up your mind and forgive that person. At this stage, it's not about that person anymore, but about you. You don't have to be concerned about them first, because were they about you, then?
Letting people go in your life might be really hard at first, but gradually you will feel better and more light. It doesn't mean that you'll never see that person in your life anymore, it's just means that you stop being concerned about them in order to be happy.
You're more capable of than you think, even to stop concerning for someone, (which doesn't mean you can't still care for them!) and letting go and be happy without that person on your mind. :)
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