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Monday, February 2, 2015

And Just Like That; It's February

GUYS ! Well..my birthday was yesterday and the reason i didn't post anything is because you guys don't care so...Hi
It's February! Just like that.
For the last week of January I was really looking forward to February. Not that I didn't had fun things planned last month -because I did a lot- but I'm just looking forward for what is yet to come.

Mid-February I have planned something special which I won't tell you yet, but really soon. We planned it about 2-3 weeks ago so you can imagine February couldn't come fast enough.

And this month marks Valentine's Day!! Yay!! Can't wait to make it the most romantic day (see above) of the year yet (ha!)! ;-)
Yesterday I finished planning my whole calendar for this month with my studies and assignment. It daunting yet it feels good to have such a full calendar of studies in front of my in my study room.
Also at work exciting things are happening and I actually can't wait to see how they will turn out. After all, we just started a new year and the new year is all about new things and changes, correct? Bring them on, we're ready.
Besides all the planned things, I'm also looking forward to the unplanned things.
Maybe there's a way we can start with a clean slate?

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