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Monday, February 16, 2015

A Long Weekend In Zürich

This was out first weekend away together and it was so romantic! It was an 8 hour trip back and forth with the car with an hour/hour and a half rest. I've never been to Switzerland, but Zürich was on my to do list. And what better weekend it could be than Valentine's weekend?!

Two panorama pictures from the city view and mountain Hoch-Ybrich
Picturesque view of Zürich.

On Friday we walked through the city to see all the highlights and to take pictures of the views.

On Valentine's Day we went hiking in the Alps! It was an hour drive to Hoch-Ybrig and about 1,5-2 hours for a 5k climb up. Must say, it was pretty hard and steep. But it was so worth it!

Breath taking views...
It was such a sunny day and I got warm from all the climbing that I could walk in my thin sweater alone!

And at the top we ate some soup and rösti for some energy for a 5k walk back. A lot easier then up!

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