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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Healthy Study Snacks

During the week I'm studying after work and dinner, so I don't snack a lot after. But on Sunday, when I'm studying all day long, I rely on healthy brain fueling foods.

Here are my healthy study snacks which keep me going and won't snooze off!

  • mixed nuts with dried fruits: it fills me up and it has a little sweetness to cover my sweet tooth.
  • yoghurt with black berries: yogurt helps improve alertness and memory. 
  • fruit: for high energy.
  • banana or apple with peanut butter
  • raw veggies with hummus
  • water: I can't stress this enough, drink water! Without enough hydration you can lose your concentration, feel faint, and lose your energy
  • eat a lot of candy: candy will give you a quick energy kick, but then you get a low and want to fall asleep above your books.
*** Tip ***

Eat your snacks and your meals away from your desk (when possible, see above). Eating will distracting you from studying. Not just the chewing, but also looking up each time and what about the crumbs? Also, when you don't pay attention to your food while eating, you don't feel full after.


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